35 years ago Stenersen has build his boat factory

8aeb447d-eaf7-44c1-bde9-6ec24c4820caStenersen Family posing for local newspaper in 1983.

This factory became the most North located fiberglass boat factory in Europe. The owner, Arnfinn Stenersen was only 24 years old at that time, and already a father of 3 kids.

5ba960db-8b3c-41d2-971b-225af91136eeTo build a boat like this took from 1000 to 1500 working hours. The factory did everything from scratch: building the hull and deck from fiberglass, making all the enterior furniture from waterproof wood, making all electrical installations, mounting engine and propeller system, doing all hydralic equipment for fishing. Making all containers and rig/mast from welded aluminium and/or stainless steel. This is a boat “KvalØy 35” one of our products.

Later we had in production “Kvaløy 40”

The color, red and white was the image for the “Kvaløy båt” brand. It was nice and safe color. The boats were easy noticeable.

In process of building of a boat there were involved 4-5 people.There could be 2-3 boats in production during same time. All boats were custom made, with different equipment, and engine.

The factory has produced about 100 of these boats, which were delivered to Iceland, Faroe Island and Sweden.

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