We cooperate with Estonian companies to sell their products or services to Norwegian clients. Our side activity is linking business contacts between Estonian and Norwegian companies.

Although we have our regular products and services what we export to Norway there is no limit for new ones!

For Norwegian private persons and companies

Price offers for the products and services you need

If you are a Norwegian private person or company please let us know what product you are interested to buy from Estonia. Stenersen Trading OÜ will take care of the custom papers and transport for you.

We also offer for you already our regular products and services:

  • car and truck repairs and paintings
  • all other mechanical works for vehicles
  • overhauling of boat engines and sterndrives
  • hardened and laminated glasses for balcony’s, stairs etc glass products
  • wood material for terraces, log material etc
  • other materials needed in building area
  • The above mentioned list may change or widen in a time

Please make a price inquiry for the products or services that you need info@stenersen.as

 Why to buy our listed services and materials from Estonia? We can offer you better prices than you could get the same products and services in Norway. We are able to offer you a good price due to the big differences of job hour price in Norwegian and Estonian car workshops. By buying through us you can save a nice sum of money even together with our mediation fee and transport costs! And there is still wide range of other products what has competitive prices in Estonia.

For Estonian companies

If you are an Estonian company who wishes to broaden to the Norwegian market, please contact with us. We will consider and investigate the options to sell your products through us and/or to link your company directly with applicable company in Norway.

Linking business contacts

Operating simultaneously in Norway and Estonia gives us an option to build contacts between Estonian and Norwegian companies. If you are a Norwegian company looking for a potential partner from Estonia we can help you! We will do the market research and background investigation for your potential future partner in Estonia.